Finland: the eLPSY services to hospital’s web page

The online booking system and video conferencing solution for child psychiatric video consultations, supervision and support for treatment were launched in early 2017. Today, these and other eLPSY services (child psychiatric e‐services) can be found in the special service portal on the Kuopio University Hospital’s web pages.

Minna Pölkki (on the left), Jussi Karppi and Virpi Vauhkonen provide child psychiatric video consultations for nonspecialist services in Pohjois‐Savo region. Photo: Kirsi Bykachev.

In the online booking system the primary health care professionals can make appointments with experts in child psychiatry for consultation and clinical supervision.

The service is currently provided by psychologist Minna Pölkki and three child psychiatrists, namely, Jussi Karppi and Virpi Vauhkonen as well as Anita Puustjärvi. After each appointment the participants are asked to fill in an electronic feedback form for evaluation.

Further information: Kirsi Bykachev, Project manager, kirsi.bykachev{at}