Project manager Elin Breivik
Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, University Hospital of North Norway

Project manager Erlend Bønes
University Hospital of North Norway

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research at the University Hospital of North Norway was created January 2016. Through analysis, assessment and research on e-health services and innovations, the centre aims to acquire knowledge that can be used by the entire health sector.

The centre’s expertise is e-health. This includes digital citizens' services such as m-health and personal connected health, communication and collaboration solutions as electronic medical records and telemedicine, as well as reuse of health data for quality improvement, management and analysis.

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research cooperates with the health authorities, other research institutions and the industry. In addition to other important and extensive international relations, the centre has been a WHO Collaboration Centre in the fields of e-health and telemedicine since 2002 (within the frames of the old telemedicine centre).


Project Manager Kirsi Bykachev
University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing Science
Tel. +358 50 363 4819

Hannele Turunen
Professor, PhD (Health Sciences, Nursing), RN
Head of the Department
Department of Nursing Science
Nurse Manager (part-time), Kuopio University Hospital
University of Eastern Finland
 +358 40 355 2629


The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) is a multidisciplinary research university offering teaching in more than 100 major subjects.

It is an integral part of the regional research, development and innovation system and engages in cooperation with trade and industry, state research institutes, polytechnics and public administration agencies. In addition, the university has extensive international relations and is involved in international networks and projects.

In the eCAP project the UEF is represented by the Department of Nursing Science and the Child Psychiatry Academic Subject, which both belong to the University’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Faculty of Health Sciences collaborates closely with the Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) allowing close interaction and genuine practical cooperation between academic and clinical experts. In the eCAP project the KUH is a sub-partner (Clinic of Child Psychiatry).


Professor Philip Wilson
Centre for Rural Health, University of Aberdeen
Tel: +44 (0)1463 255085 


The University of Aberdeen was established in 1495 and has charitable status in Scotland. It is one of the leading medical research institutions in the United Kingdom, and it has particular expertise in the development and evaluation of complex interventions to improve health.

The Centre for Rural Health (CRH) is a research unit of the University of Aberdeen, based in the Centre for Health Science, Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. CRH has been involved in several EU/NPP funded and international projects including Competitive Health, O4O, Extreme Weather Conditions, Recruit and Retain, OLE and being lead partner in Implementing Transnational Telemedicine Solutions (ITTS). and



Eva Lindgren
Luleå Technical University


Since Luleå University of Technology (LTU) was established, the university has undergone a significant expansion, which has transformed it from a rural college to becoming the first university of technology in Sweden, specializing in engineering.

LTU has always prioritized the development of user-motivated applied research, although basic and fundamental research has always served as a base for our applied research. The Luleå University of Technology have 16 000 students on four campuses, 56 research topics in the faculty of engineering and 16 research topics in the faculty of arts and social sciences.